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One of the most notable feature in Windows 7 is a new Windows taskbar. It offers a new way of controlling your desktop, managing your windows, and launching applications.


Our Windows 7 Taskbar Componet Set (WTB) significantly simplifies programming Windows 7 taskbar in Delphi.

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Embarcadero Delphi XE
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Curretnly WTB supports the following Windows 7 taskbar extensions:

1. Application ID

By default Windows groups multiple instances of the same application under one taskbar button.

If you want to have a separate taskbar buttons for different instances of the application, you can set an explicit App ID for the process.

WTB implementation:
Class: TfspTaskbarMgr;

Property: AppId : String;
Set AppID to a unique string.


2. Custom Preview

One of the great feature in Windows 7 is a live preview of a top-level window in the taskbar (taskbar thumbnail). Moreover, you can create your own preview and display it instead of default thumbnail. E.g. if you are developing a text editor, you can display your own fragment of text that will be readable in a small preview box.

WTB implementation:

Class: TfspTaskbarPreviews;
Event OnNeedIconicBitmap


3. Icon Overlay

You can create an overlay icon for your task button

WTB implementation:
Class: TfspTaskbarMgr;
Property: OverlayIcon : TIcon;

4. Progress Bar

WTB implementation:
Class: TfspTaskbarMgr;
Properties: ProgressState, ProgressValue, ProgressValueMax

5. Tabbed thumbnails

Windows 7 allows TDI or MDI application to display preview of each tab (or MDI window) as a separate thumbnail in the taskbar.

WTB implementation:
Class: TfspTaskbarTabMgr.

6. Thumbnail buttons

You can place up to 7 small buttons in the preview window.

WTB implementation:
Class: TfspTaskbarMgr;
Properties: ThumbButtons, Images;
Event: OnThumbButtonClick.

Download Windows 7 Taskbar Components

Download executable demos



FSPro Localizer

FSPro Localizer is a very simple but effective way to localize your Delphi application. It lets you localize published string properties on the fly. It supports Unicode even with old versions of Delphi. But we recommend it to use with Delphi 2009 or better.

Very small and clear source code with minimal binary overhead.
Free of charge for any use!
Program sample along with sample lng files available.

Download FSPro Localizer (source + sample)

Just look at the lng file format - it is self-explaining.

[Main Form]
Caption=Window title
Button4.Caption=Show message
Memo1.Lines.Text=This is a\nmulti-line\ntext
ListBox1.Items[0]=Item 1
ListBox1.Items[1]=Item 2

Caption=User authentication
Label1.Caption=Enter your user name
Label2.Caption=Enter your password

msgWelcome=Welcome, %s

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